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Crime Prevention in Frisco, Texas

The Long-lasting Effects of Crime

The aftermath of a crime can cause long-lasting effects if you are a victim. You may need to recuperate monetarily from property loss or damage. An attack also often leads to feelings of anger, isolation, low self-esteem, helplessness, and depression. Efforts of Frisco law enforcement can only complement residents' work to prevent crime, so you should take sensible steps for personal protection.

Safety While at Home

Law enforcement in Frisco recommend a door peephole or camera system outside your home to alert you of visitors or intruders so you don't experience any unexpected surprises. Leave spare keys with a neighbor or have an electronic entry system instead of putting extra keys outdoors in easy-to-find locations. Ensure your home locks are working correctly to prevent easy break-ins. Never post on social media about when you will be away from home, which alerts thieves of an optimal time to strike.

Safety at a Business

Identity theft protection and recovery services are useful for your business accounts and can share oddities on your credit report. If you have a brick-and-mortar store in Frisco, secure expensive items and do not display such things in a window overnight. You can also put identification numbers on your equipment to aid recovery and use burglar-resistant glass to deter intruders. Install abundant lighting outside your location for safe passage after closing in the evenings.

Safety While Away from Home

Make intentional decisions about your plans and travel routes at night and don't walk alone in unfamiliar places. As you shop or dine, don't carry much cash, and find discrete ways to pay your bills. Never flaunt money or expensive items. Keep your purse or backpack close to your body and do not leave your bag unattended. A random attack or brawl may involve you in a dispute with legal ramifications. In these cases, many citizens regret their involvement that had good intentions but ended up in jail as a result. There is some hope to get the criminal record hidden through the expungement process, usually filed by an expungement lawyer in a court of law.

Stop Criminals from Taking Advantage

Crime results from a criminal having the ability and opportunity to take advantage. You can reduce an offender's prospects with practical steps. Understand basic principles of physical and online self-defense to minimize your vulnerability in the home, business, and public spaces and do your part in local crime prevention.